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An Abundance of Great Games Await at a Top Online Casino

Land-based casino gambling in New Jersey is almost as famous as Las Vegas gambling.  Atlantic City has long been the gambling destination for the millions of people in the East Coast megalopolis.  Everyone who has ever been to a land-based casino is well aware of the electric atmosphere there.  There are flashing lights, the sounds of hundreds of slots spinning and whirling, and the sound of coins clanging noisily and happily when a player gets a win.  An online casino must find a way to compete with that.

Distractions Versus Convenience

Many gamblers have also long felt that the noise, the lights, the never-ending murmur of hundreds of people talking at once are a distraction and that online casino gambling has much to offer that the brick and mortar establishments cannot match.  The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIEGA) of 2006 made it far more difficult for online casinos to operate in the US but left some opening for states to regulate online gambling within their borders.  New Jersey legalized online casinos in 2013.

It interests us to find out how other countries regulate gambling.  This time we’ll look at New Zealand online casino gambling.

Player-friendly Gambling Law

New Zealand has strict regulations on land-based casinos but almost complete freedom for online casinos and casino gambling.  The authorities are rightfully concerned about unregulated “backroom” casinos that may cheat their customers.  The only big restriction to NZ online casino gambling is that the casino may not be operated out of New Zealand.  This is a common restriction, in place in many countries, and it explains why so many online casinos are regulated in places such as Malta and Gibraltar!

Online Gambling Shines

So now we can talk about the many benefits of online casino NZ gambling.

In New Zealand, where thousands of online casinos are free to compete with each other, New Zealanders enjoy many benefits that gamblers in other countries don’t have.  One big benefit NZ online casino gamblers get, given the small size of New Zealand and the very small population of our cold and windy islands, is the ability to deposit and withdraw in NZD.  The top casinos offer many banking options so every NZ gamer can find the method most suitable to them.

We often read that travelling to a brick and mortar casino is a big disadvantage and it is. However, in New Zealand, you can often drive to a casino in the morning and return home easily in the evening.  Nevertheless, when you travel… travel!  Even a short trip takes away from the time you might spend playing the hundreds of games offered at an online casino NZ and takes away from the bankroll you can responsibly put toward a session of online gambling.

Online casinos offer amazing convenience.  This is even more felt when you download a simple mobile casino app and take the casino with you wherever you go!

Big Library of Games

An online casino can offer hundreds of games; a land-based casino simply doesn’t have the space for so many games.  For the purposes of New Zealand online casino gaming, cyberspace is functionally infinite.  Enter any land-based casino and see what casino limitations look like!  Pokies, table games, video poker, progressive jackpots, tournaments, and casual games; there are simply and endless number of choices at a NZ online casino.

In order to get used to the many games online, the casinos offer unlimited free play.  Many top online casinos have extensive tutorials to help you learn the rules, nuances, and strategies of each game.

The hundreds of pokies online are especially attractive to Kiwis.  At an online casino, you never have to wait!  It’s quite remarkable that a gamer can occupy the pokies game you want to play at a land-based casino but a million players don’t hold you up online!


An online casino will offer a large number of promotions.  First, every online casino has a substantial Welcome Package.   Most involve deposit bonuses of 100% or more.  Many involve free spins at selected pokies.  Some combine the two so you get free spins and a chance to win with the casino’s money!

Most online casinos frequently offer deposit bonuses. These might come every day or every week.  You might get a bonus offer for playing on a weekend, a holiday, or on your birthday.

Casinos run long-term promotions.  These usually run for a full month and may offer many thousands of dollars in prizes.

Casinos also run loyalty programmes.  This programme tracks every wager you make and converts the amount of the wager into loyalty points.  Eventually the points can be redeemed for cash or can qualify you for good deposit bonuses.

Many casinos have a VIP Club for the high rollers amongst their gamers.

Mobile and Live Casinos

Mobile gaming is becoming even more popular than PC gaming.  This is because of convenience and graphics.  The graphics now available on modern mobile devices is so good that many gamers simply almost exclusively use their mobile device to play casino games.  Given this pertinent fact, it is incumbent upon any online casino wishing to attract New Zealand gamers to have a solid mobile casino.

Gamers who have experienced both land-based casino gaming and online gaming generally prefer the latter.  We often want some live action so online casinos have started to develop live casinos.  They usually offer a small number of games: poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are commonly offered.

Safety and Security

We spoke about flexible banking options.  Here we’ll reinforce the need for absolute internet security when you send money to the casino or withdraw winnings.  Any reputable NZ online casino will have state-of-the-art encryption to keep those troublesome prying eyes away from your assets.

Customer Support

The final element that is de rigueur at any reputable online casino is 24/7/365 support.  It’s also best when a casino offers support in a number of ways including chat, telephone, email, and others.

If you’re new to casino gaming, we suggest trying out an online casino.  You’ll see the great convenience and quality you can enjoy there.

Advantages of Playing a NJ Online Casino

Many people are seeking the form of gambling that can bring one of the biggest number of advantages. It only takes a few moments to realize the fact that the legal New Jersey online casinos are packed with plenty of benefits that can’t be found anywhere else, especially if we compare these games to the ones available at the land based casinos. In this article you will find all the information you need about the advantages that you can get for playing a NJ online casino. Thankfully there are plenty of them so let’s hear more about them.

Better Odds – As soon as move to the online gambling environment you can forget about high house edges. Things are totally different when playing the games over the internet and the house edge is very small compared to the land based casinos. This way if the land based slots have attached a house edge situated around 70 – 80%, when you start playing the online games you will get to see slot machines where the house edge goes beyond the 90% mark. This means that it makes perfect sense to start playing these games online and it won’t be long before you can start seeing some nice profits.

Huge Progressive Jackpots – The progressive jackpot slots are most definitely a great attraction for any online casino, especially if you are planning to strike it big. You can take a look at just a few NJ friendly online casino sites and many times the amount of money available as a jackpot prize is stated on the homepage. There you can find prizes that are worth even more than one million dollars.

High Quality Graphics – The graphics are now one of the best features available at the online casinos.

100% Legal – You must make sure that you are signing up with the legal New Jersey online casinos that have received a license from the state. This way you can always have a good and positive gambling experience.

Great Games Diversity – The games diversity available at the online NJ casinos is just huge. There are many sites that are featuring some high quality online casino games releases that are available from some of the top online casino software developers.

High Accessibility – Since the games are available online, you no longer have to drive over to the casinos, wait in line for some games. Everything is highly accessible and it’s now even available on your mobile phone. This means that you could be located anywhere and still enjoy some of the online casino games.

Excellent Bonuses – If you take just a quick look at all the NJ online casino gaming sites, you can notice the fact that each and every one of them has a specific welcome bonus available. This includes no deposit bonuses, first deposit bonuses and also cash back bonuses. It’s up to you to choose the offer that best fits your needs.

Loyalty Programs – The rewards program allow you to earn points as you play the games and these points can be transformed into real cash. This way the more you play the more you earn. Once you hit a good number of points, you can transform them into real cash.

Online Casino Benefits

The Garden State is now open for online gambling. In case you are planning to move your and based gambling to the internet, then now it’s the right time. You should expect to receive many benefits for making this move and it won’t be long before you can start seeing another success story.

First of all when you play the online games you will have to login to your online casino account through your computer. This means that you will no longer have to travel over to the local casino and you don’t have to use a dress code, find a parking spot and all the other inconveniences that land based gambling has attached.

In case you are a big fan of table games where there is a dealer like blackjack or roulette, then you will be able to make some serious savings by not having to tip the dealer while playing. The online environment has no pressure on your part.

Since everything is done of the computer you will have the chance to play a much higher number of hands per hour for blackjack, much more spins for the slot machines or roulette and everything is going to move in front of you a lot faster compared to the old fashion gambling. This way the NJ online casino gambling is always going to prove to be a lot more fascinating and interesting.

Another thing that is really able to help you save a lot of money is the fact that the online casinos hold a much lower house edge compared to the land based casinos. This way you get to have real chances of keeping much more money in your pocket at the end of each playing session.

Another great benefit is that the number of games that are available at a NJ casino online is much higher compared to any casino in Atlantic City. This way you can have the opportunity to find as many as a few hundred games to play.