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A Gambler’s Tail

Real money gambling has fascinated people for hundreds of years. Generations have come and gone, some improving while others inflicted damage. Up to this day, real money gambling remains. However, it is now a whole different creature from what it was initially created to be.

Going Digital

The age of digital media is one of the best things to happen to the world. Not only in terms of entertainment but also in other spheres. Things that had troubled humanity for so long could be brought to the entire world’s attention. A development that has seen many oppressive regimes being toppled, discriminatory laws abolished, species of flora and fauna saved from extinction.

Real money casino games would not be the only industry to remain unaffected. Already by the end of the 19th the century, the first mechanized gambling machines were already in production, to see online gambling machine visit and see how the technology has developed. Thus it is not surprising that by the 1980’s already digital gambling was no longer a concept.

The first video poker games were made popular all over the world in the 1980’s. They spread all over the world but they did not receive the patronage that game creators wanted. The reason is in the dog’s tail.

An old Gambling Joke

There is an old gambling joke which speaks about how seven gamblers were sitting on a poker table. The seventh poker player was a dog. A stranger walked into the establishment and was surprised. After seeing the dog play the game like everyone else he final commented to one of the gamblers. He mentioned how good the dog was, to which the gambler replied, “he is not that good, every time he has a good hand he wags his tail”.

This joke captures one element that is a vital part of real money gambling. The human interaction. Real money australian online casino have realized that this is one area where they have been lacking. Millions of punters flock to online casinos daily due to the convenience offered. Some of the top casinos now also have live dealer online casino games to complete the gambling experience.

The 3 Golden Rules of Responsible Gambling

Gambling can be an utterly thrilling pastime. Few people know the kind of rush, the anticipation, and the excitement that those of us who have been bitten by the gambling bug feel whenever we are on the casino floor. Of course, it isn’t all fun when you are gambling, those big wins are balanced out by some equally big losses. It is therefore essential that anyone who is considering taking up gambling understands what they are getting into.

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When done responsibly, and with care, entering into the world of gambling can help people to expand their social circle and meet other people, and having some fun at the same time of course! But gambling addiction is a very real thing, and it is something that all gamblers should be aware of. The following are the most important things to remember when gambling. These are the words of wisdom that will keep you from plunging off the cliff.

Never Gamble What You Can’t Afford

This is a golden rule that gambling shares with the financial industry. In both cases, the consideration is motivated by the potential to lose money as well as make it. Just as an investor who puts their money into a particular stock or commodity may ultimately end up losing the investment, so must the gambler be prepared to lose any bets they place down.

If you only ever put down money that you know you can live without, you will find a massive reduction in the amount of stress you feel. For some gamblers, chasing that rush of danger is exhilarating. No rush is worth potentially losing your home over!

Know the Signs of Addiction

It is important that gamblers understand how gambling addiction manifests itself so that they can react if they feel that their gambling is becoming a problem. If you find that you are gambling more frequently, to the point that you forego other activities and events, and that you are lying to those around you in order to cover up your gambling, this is a sure sign of addictive behavior.

The ability to gamble anywhere, anytime through an online casino makes the temptation to gamble much harder to resist for many people. The key here is self control, but if you feel that you aren’t able to retain control, you should seek professional help.

Gamble Socially

For many people, the reason that they gamble initially is to win some extra money. But for many people it soon becomes more about going out to the casino and seeing, and socializing with, other people. This is what you want. You want your gambling to be something that you do mainly for the social benefits. This means that you won’t feel each loss quite as heavily, nor will you take risks in order to chase bigger prizes. If you can find some friends or family members to gamble with, this is ideal as it allows you to watch out for one another.

Gambling responsibly is something that anyone can do, all it requires is your willingness. It is best to begin your gambling career with this information in hand so that you can avoid the usual pitfalls that suck gamblers in. If you feel that your gambling is becoming a problem, seek help immediately.

European vs American Table Game Variations and playing online


We all know and love table games such as Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat. But did you know there are variations between European and American table games? No, well thankfully for you we have drilled down on what the key differences are. It’s no surprise that new casino players are often attracted by these games but understanding the uniqueness of each game is essential when picking the game in the respected continent.

Even though the most popular versions are probably European and American table games. There are certainly some other great variations, so keep your eyes peeled!  To give you a kick start we have picked a couple of popular versions that you may come across.

French Roulette

Ok, this is fairly popular game and apparently one of the oldest games in gambling history.  It is worth looking out for tables which offer “La Partage”, literally “the sharing”.  On tables which offer La Partage, it means that if the ball hits zero, the odds are actually in your favour.  Basically, you receive half of your bet back and the cash is split between the banker and player.

Blackjack Surrender

This is exclusively for online players who play at best online casino like BGO, which is powered by Playtech Casino. It’s fairly simple how it works; like the more common types of blackjack it uses a 52-card deck and the banker must stand on 17. However, the players (if they wish) are allowed to surrender on a hand receiving half their wagers back. So, if the hand is not looking great, it’s basically insurance for a player to take.

Some of the best online casino sites have multiple variations and you really are spoilt for choice. You can now find casinos with hundreds of variations from French Roulette to Progressive Jackpot, but of course you need to ensure which game is right you. So, we suggest you take a look at this little handy guide below before you go ahead play.

How to Gamble Responsibly on a New Online Casino

If you are a casino player that is perhaps looking to switch to a new online casino then there are a number of things to consider. The site itself is important in terms of what it offers you as a player and the player should consider the welcome offer, the promotions list and the range of games. However, some sites have more content than others and on a new online casino we always think it is worth reading up on gambling responsibly. There are many things to consider when you gamble so read our guide at for more info.

Gambling Responsibly on a New Online Casino

Making the switch to a new online casino is always fun but players should always be aware of how to gamble responsibly when they play on these types of sites. Whether you are a slot player or online blackjack player, there are a number of things that you can look out for to ensure that you are gambling carefully and responsibly. There are plenty of online resources available to help you control your gambling as well as educate you on good and healthy gambling practices so what make a responsible gambler?

A responsible gambler is the opposite of a problem gambler and problem gambling is behaviour related to gambling that causes harm to the gambler and the people around them. This can include your friends, family and others and if someone is struggling to control aspects of their behaviour related to how they gamble then this could constitute a problem gambler. For players choosing to play on a new online casino, avoiding such behaviour is a good way to remain responsible. There are signs that can relate to problem gambling so what exactly are they?


Spotting Gambling Behaviours on a new online casino

The most obvious sign is spending more money on a new online casino than you can afford to lose. This is a tell-tale sign of problem gambling so only gamble what you can afford! Finding it tricky to stop is another sign so if you’re spending too much time on your chosen new online casino then it could be time to take a break or stop altogether. Losing interest in other non-gambling related activities is another so remember to spend time doing other things other than just playing games on a new online casino.

Responsible gambling is all about knowing when to stop as well as spending within your means. Having great awareness of your play time on a new online casino is crucial so don’t think of gambling on a new online casino as a way to make money. Think of it as a place to play some games and enjoy yourself – almost as a form of entertainment like going to the cinema! Setting a budget and sticking to it for your new online casino is a great way to stay in control and remember to never try to chase your losses.


These are just some of the ways in which you keep your gambling activities under control. Responsible gambling is important and the key for the player is to understand how they can change their behaviour should it start to indicate a problem. Googling responsible gambling can lead you to a number of great websites that offer information and advice on how to gamble safely and responsibly. If you have any other questions on new online casino gambling you can also drop us a message. Remember that the key is to have fun so if you’re no longer having fun then it might be time to consider a change!

How to Take Advantage of the Benefits of Playing at an Online Casino

As you probably realize, playing at online casinos offer several benefits – which is why they are so popular. That being said most players tend to not fully take advantage of these benefits, and the question is: Are you?


Make no mistake there is a lot that can be gained by taking advantage of the benefits of playing at online casinos, and in particular there are a few areas you should look into:


  • Only play when it best suits you

Unlike brick and mortar casinos where you have to physically be present, playing at an online casino means that you can play anytime and anywhere you want. Because of that you should only ever play when it best suits you, and not when you’re tired, or rushed. In fact you should also take regular breaks while playing, as that can help you to always be at your best and avoid making poor decisions while placing bets.


  • Make use of bonuses

Most online casinos have great bonuses and perks available for players, and you should make full use of these. Naturally these bonuses have conditions attached, but they are still worth taking advantage of and could net you anything from a few free games to a tidy profit.


  • Play ‘free’ games

Nowadays it is common for online casinos such as SBOBET to have ‘free’ versions of their games that use virtual currency. While it may seem counterintuitive, the benefit that these ‘free’ games offer is that you can try them out without any risk. That can be extremely useful for learning new games, or even to test out a new playstyle in some games.


  • Control your deposits to manage your bankroll

Because you need to deposit money to play at online casinos, you can more easily manage your bankroll. All you need to do is get into the habit of only depositing the budget that you intend to play with, and not exceeding that in any situation. In short your deposits can be a control mechanism that you use to limit your budget.


By taking advantage of these benefits, you’ll find that you really stand to gain a lot by playing at online casinos as opposed to brick and mortar variants. Regardless of whether you’re playing at IBCBET or elsewhere, it makes sense to give yourself every advantage possible so that you are able to improve your odds of winning overall.

Can I Play Roulette Games for Free?

Playing roulette games online offers players the chance to relax and indulge I n some me-time.  Roulette is the perfect gaming choice if you’re new the world of online gambling.  This classic casino table game is a great starter game as it offers a simplistic gaming interface and easy to follow instructions.  Unlike other casino games, roulette games don’t come with a steep learning curve or a long list of obscure gaming rules.  As a new player, you’re always on the lookout for a way to test out your new game of choice without losing any money.  This is where free play/demo mode roulette games become your new best friend.  These types of free play games enable newbies to get to grips with the associated betting rules and can help you sort out your gaming strategy before betting with real money.  This review will give you a clearer idea of how you can play roulette games for free and the benefits associated with planning out your roulette gaming strategy.

Different Ways to Play Roulette Games Online for Free

One of the best ways for newbies to get to grips with playing online roulette games through a casino welcome bonus.  The majority of online casino sites will offer newly registered players the chance to enjoy either a no deposit bonus or a deposit bonus.

Players can often score a deposit match bonus when they join a new online casino site.  This type of welcome bonus will enable players to claim a handy cash match bonus when you make an initial deposit at the site.  This form of welcome bonus will require you to deposit a minimum amount to unlock the cash match bonus.  Players are likely to receive at least a 100% match bonus, which means you’re doubling your money.  You’ll have double the chance to win big in your favourite roulette games.

A no deposit bonus will allow you to play your favourite roulette games for free.  This type of bonus is harder to come by than your typical deposit bonus as it means players can enjoy gaming for free for a limited time.  This type of no deposit bonus is super easy to use.  You simply need to find an online casino that is offering a free play bonus and fill out the registration form.  This will usually only take a couple of minutes and once you’ve validated your new account, you’ll automatically receive your no deposit bonus.  This will allow you to play roulette games for free!  Well, at least until your no deposit bonus runs out.

Why Test Out Roulette Games for Free?

There are some serious benefits associated with testing out roulette games for free.  Playing roulette games for free will enable players to develop a clear gaming strategy without worrying about losing money along the way.  You’ll then be able to employ tried and tested gaming strategies when playing roulette games for real money to achieve highly lucrative results.

Entering the world of online casino gambling can be a tricky business.  Newbie players are often unsure of the rules and best betting strategies associated with classic casino games.  Roulette games are an easy way into online gambling as this classic casino game offers high levels of accessibility for new players thanks to its easy-to-navigate gaming interface.  Playing roulette games for free is one of the best ways to develop a clear betting strategy without losing money in the process.  We’ve put together this article outlining the key ways you can enjoy roulette games for free and why it’s important for new players to do this.

Why Do Players Love Pay by Phone Casinos?

Pay by phone casinos have substantially grown in popularity over the past decade and this is down to a number of different reasons. If you are new to online casinos or just want to make the switch to a pay by phone casino, have a read on to find out more about what makes pay by phone casinos so great and why they are so popular amongst many casino players. You never know, it could just convince you to join pay by phone casinos!

The Games and Promotions Available at Pay by Phone Casinos

There are loads of reasons why many players make the switch to pay by phone casinos and it does not just include the obvious range of payment options! Players at pay by phone casinos can enjoy a variety of exciting games and promotions that will help them on their way to making lots of big cash wins.

Those of you who love slot games but are scared of missing out on them when joining pay by phone casinos then there really is no need to fret as you can still enjoy all of your favourite games at pay by phone casinos plus you may even discover a few new favourites too. Most players at pay by phone casinos are playing from their mobile phones and as the majority of slot games are now mobile optimised you can still enjoy playing them on the go no matter where you are!

You won’t just find slots at pay by phone casinos, so if they are not really your thing then you can always check out the rest of the games available. Players can have a go at playing scratchies where you can scratch away to try and match symbols in the hope of getting a big win. Table games are also extremely popular at pay by phone casinos and you can not only enjoy a variety of tension-filled games such as roulette, poker, baccarat, and blackjack, you can also enjoy the live versions of these games! Live games at pay by phone casinos are super fun to play and you will instantly feel as though you have been transported to a real-life casino table but this is all from the comfort of your own home.

Payment Options Found at Pay by Phone Casinos

The obvious appeal of pay by phone casinos is that you can pay with your mobile phone, however, this is not the only payment option that they offer so you are bound to find one that suits your needs.

Paying by phone bill is the most popular option at pay by phone casinos and this is one of the safest ways to deposit your cash online as you need never enter any bank details online. The flip side to this, however, is that you cannot make withdrawals with this payment option and this is why many players prefer to use other payment options.Other payments you can use include credit and debits cards, bank wire transfers and eWallets.

Pay by phone casinos have become extremely popular over the last few years and for those who are already members of pay by phone casinos this is hardly surprising to hear! These casinos not only offer you a fantastic way to quickly and safely deposit your cash so you can play with complete peace of mind, they also feature fantastic promotions, exciting games, and offer lots of incentives for newbies to join. Click here to read more about why players really do love pay by phone casinos so much!